just shut-up and read this

Heard the story about a guy who was welding on an "empty" gas tank, from a car. It blew up so violently, that the guy was decapitated, and they NEVER found his head.

Heard the story about a guy and four other people, crammed into a sedan driving along, and one of the girls starts throwing up in her shoe. They offer to stop, but she says its alright, she does it all the time. Her boyfriend says yeah, go ahead, you'll feel better. She fills the shoe, then dumps it out the window. That night, she had enough puke for two pairs of shoes.

Heard the story about a guy who sniffs a lot of glue and always has. He happens to play the fiddle great. He used to live in a hollowed out tree, with his spray, and his violin. He lost the violin.

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talking drawing by S Ingram