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Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction DirectX Plug-In

DESCRIPTION: Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction DirectX Plug-In is a trio of plug-ins that include Noise Reduction, Click Removal & Vinyl Restoration. Note: this is quite different than the Sound Forge Noise Reduction plug-in, in both is features, and that this is made for all DirectX audio programs, not just Sound Forge.

opinion from MP3 Pro Club webmaster: : This is my favorite plug-in so far. It produces unequalled sound at 100 dB noise reduction! With its Vinyl Restoration you can reach excellent results while restoring your old records. It's the only tool nowadays which allows you to get absolutely perfect material with the highest dynamic range possible and complete absence of any audible artifacts. So you can make your own true quality Audio CD from old tapes and plates.

RETAIL::: $349 ::: RATING ::: Five Stars Rating

 Steinberg FreeFilter v1.0 DirectX Plug-In

DESCRIPTION: FreeFilter is a DirectX plug-in that can 'learn' the EQ spectrum of an audio source and then apply it to a destination to get a similar EQ in real time. Features: 1/3 Octave linear phase 30 band EQ, Input/Output Analyzer, and 3 special EQ shaping tools.

opinion from MP3 Pro Club webmaster: This tool is just striking! I had some CDs with poor sound and the only one which sound I liked. Now I have all CDs with the same full rich sound! You will never accomplish such task only playing with EQ settings. Then, I can't help mentioning mixing of different music pieces into one file. In this case only FreeFilter can help you to make them sound in the same way. It's just a miracle! Definitely A Must Have Program.

RETAIL ::: $299 ::: RATING ::: Five Stars Rating

 Steinberg DeClicker v1.21 DirectX Plug-In

DESCRIPTION: Steinberg DeClicker is a Direct-X click removal tool that works in real-time. Full compatible with Steinberg's WaveLab version 2.0. The plug-in also works under all DirectX applications like Sound Forge 4.0x, Cool Edit 1.x, Cubase VST, Cakewalk 6.0.

opinion from MP3 Pro Club webmaster: This program does its job good. Just feel free to experiment with settings and you will definitely reach the desirable result.

RETAIL ::: ____ ::: RATING ::: Five Stars Rating

 Steinberg DeNoiser v1.51 DirectX Plug-In

DESCRIPTION: Steinberg DeNoiser is a Direct-X broad band noise removal tool that works in real-time. It doesn't require a spectral 'fingerprint', though it's possible to work in such mode due to the Freeze function. The Ambience parameter also helps that the natural room sound isn't destroyed.

opinion from MP3 Pro Club webmaster: Nice tool for hiss or broad band noise removal, but if you need more serious noise reduction use Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction DirectX Plug-In.

RETAIL ::: ____ ::: RATING ::: Four Stars Rating

Waves Native Power Pack v2.5

DESCRIPTION: Waves Native Power Pack v2.5 is a set of DirectX audio plug-ins. Vol.1 includes TrueVerb (virtual space reverb), Q10 Equalizer, C1 Compressor, C1 Gate, S1 Stereo Imager, and L1 UltraMaximizer. Vol.2 includes Renaissance Compressor (compression with classic emulated modes), Renaissance EQ (warm EQ'ing based on analog equalizers), MaxxBass (adds bass harmonics to extend perceived bass response), DeEsser (isolates and attenuates 'ess' sounds). Use this set of plug-ins in Sound Forge, Cakewalk, or any other ActiveMovie compatible program.

opinion from MP3 Pro Club webmaster: I highly recommend you to have this set of plug-ins installed. This is the only choice for professional PC sound processing nowadays.

RETAIL ::: $500 ::: RATING ::: Five Stars Rating

 Qtools/AX DirectX v1.0

DESCRIPTION: Qtools/AX is a set of 3 plug-ins that includes: QSYS (Mono-to-3D localizer), QX (Stereo enhancer) and Q123 (1 pass Mono-to-3D). Also features adjustable crossover points for greater mono compatibility. It's a decent stereoizer and panner that can help to expand the width of your sound.

opinion from MP3 Pro Club webmaster:
Qtools is a very interesting program. But the technology it represents produces effect which is quite unnatural to ear.

RETAIL ::: $250 ::: RATING ::: Three Stars Rating

sound restoration toolz

 Algorithmix Sound Laundry v2.1

DESCRIPTION: Sound Laundry v2.1 is a set of tools for restoring and mastering noisy audio material. It works in real-time and consists of the following components:
- Plug-In Station which is the host for program's plug-ins. It is responsible for handling the input and output of .WAV audio and for loading and chaining the audio processing plug-ins.
- De-Scratcher Plug-In which removes clicks and crackles from old vinyl or shellac records, as well as other kinds of impulse-like noise (thyristor buzz or digital clicks).
- De-Noiser Plug-In which is a noise reduction system useful for any kind of broad-band noise removal: tape hiss, telephone call cut noise, background noise from live recordings, and residual noise from old records after processing with the De-Scratcher Plug-In.
- Analyzer Plug-In. The Analyzer Plug-In is intended to assist you in working with other frequency domain plug-ins and lets you compare the spectrums of audio signals before and after processing and to look at noise profiles or filter characteristics.
- High-Lowpass Filter Plug-In which is a combination of highpass and lowpass filters using linear-phase technology. The highpass is used to remove low-pitched noises such as studio rumble, microphone handling noise, microphone breath pops, and record player rumble. A lowpass is very useful for attenuating hiss-type noise, such as tape noise, from low-quality cassette recorders.
- DC Removal Filter Plug-In. A lot of today's multimedia boards are equipped with low-cost analog-to-digital converters which tend to produce a so-called DC drift. This results in recordings with up to 5 bits of DC offsets, corresponding to approximately 30 dB dynamic range loss!

opinion from MP3 Pro Club webmaster:
Great program. Full real-time and very comfortable in operation. It does an amazing job on sound restoration and the final result is just excellent (especially clicks and crackles removal). But keep in mind that it has no Noise Gate or 'fingerprint' type noise reduction. So if you are going to prepare material for your own Audio CD, be careful. Highly recommended for broad-band noise removal and declicking/decrackling.

RETAIL::: $295 ::: RATING::: Four Stars Rating

 Steinberg Clean! v1.0

DESCRIPTION: Steinberg Clean! v1.0 offers six real-time restoration modules for declicking, broad-band denoising, descratching, bass boost, enhancing stereo panorama and brilliance of your recordings. The modules are specially designed to refresh audio from vinyl and cassette. Clean! then allows you to create and burn your Audio CD. Also features direct CD audio extraction.

opinion from MP3 Pro Club webmaster: Nice program. Full real-time and comfortable in operation. But total effect from using it is just the same as from WaveLab 2.xx with DeClicker and DeNoiser plug-ins installed. Though it has some extra features like Audio CD burner and direct CD audio extraction, the program still can't beat restoration quality of Algorithmix Sound Laundry 2.1. Besides, you should keep in mind that it also has no Noise Gate or 'fingerprint' type noise reduction. So if you are going to clean up sound material for your own Audio CD, be careful. Can be recommended for broad-band noise removal and declicking/decrackling.

RETAIL: ____  RATING: Four Stars Rating



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