so tell us, what
popeye-x webpage
BY FAR gets
the most hits?

what generates
the most emails
from visitors
to your site?


"forbidden infomation"

what else?
mental retardation
on a genius level

i got this email today, usually i don't even bother to tell them its a joke. but if they seem "too young to be reading popeye-x's mind altering brain pollution" i hit 'em with something from the "uncle kurt's great advice" vault, which is buried deep under the foundation of solid logic this website sits on.

one girl commented its was a "good anti-drug message" but then some guy added, "did you read his friend mugtoe's site? its was horrible!" i don't make this shit up, i'm not even close to that full of shit. i wish i was.

here's some reality, and my reply below is reality, too. the webpage in question is fantasy based on reality, so i guess that's allegory, right? where i come from, we just call it "bullshit". a very wise black gentleman i know said "its straight up lyin', kurt, and you know it".
yes, i believe allegory is the correct term.

Quoting Godefroy <>:
hi, I'm lookinf for the recipie of amfetamines y methanfetamine.
I read that you could give me that if I don't tell anything to
your parents. I promise, I won't.
Thanks, godefroy.

 i appreciate you not telling anything to parents, yours or mine, but the webpage is intended as a joke. it started years ago because i wrote this ficticious story based on how i used to play scientist when i was a kid i would dress in a lab coat and use my chemistry set to pretend i was making poison  all that part is true but then i sort of embellished on that saying maybe i really did make poison  so it was a "maybe i did this" type story intended as a joke, follow me?

then, i started getting all these emails from kids who wanted to kill their parents or people who wanna kill themselves and they want me to tell them the recipe for poison they would also sometimes ask me the recipe for amphetamines, too i guess they also thought i know chemistry.

i don't.. i was only PLAYING like i was a scientist, i was 9 years old!

so... naturally i made ANOTHER WEBPAGE, this one much more popular than the other called downloadable cyanide and amphetamine recipes so instead of a few emails asking me i get dozens of requests, like yours

most of the time i don't even answer if i do, i tell them, stay away from drugs, you don't need them fucking up your life stay away from cyanide too, they'll both kill you... notice the big skull and crossbones?
see? its supposed to be a joke

but hey, as long as you don't tell anything to your parents....
i won't say a word :)

bottom line: stay away from drugs, don't break your mother's heart you would regret it the rest of your life what buzz could possibly be worth that?

please think about what i just told you then go back to that webpage and laugh at how ridiculous popeye-x is to even put it online

in case you're wondering, would i tell the parents?
, in a heartbeat. all they gotta do is ask.