Indian in a blue suiteI hate other people's kids. I really do. Come to think of it, I hate everybody, except my friends, and I even hate some of them.

You wanna know why I hate everybody? You don't? Well, fuck you, don't read this. I hate everybody because everybody is so fucking stupid. They all just stand in line, letting an invisible force direct every move they make. There are hardly any individualistic thinkers out there. They ALL let someone ELSE do their thinking FOR them. They don't even know that they could Think For Themselves, they're too brainwashed.

They seem to need miracles. Without miracles, life isn't worth it. They got to get something for nothing, or else forget it. They ALWAYS let Jesus handle it. What are they afraid of? Don't they realize, that its people like THEM who crucified Jesus? Do they think that if they lived back then, they would've stood up for Jesus's rights? Not even the apostles had balls enough to do that, much less these human cattle that line up in one lane of traffic when there's three blank lanes right next to them. They've got to follow the crowd, even if the crowd is jumping off a cliff.

They're like semi-intelligent, taxpaying lemmings and buffalos, being herded around by Indians in blue suits.

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