"I was at the carnival. I took rides up and down, and I ate some food, corndogs, I think. Anyway, over by the Funmouse, in the restroom, I got stung on the balls by a huge bloodred Popcorn Fly! You know, the kind that lay their eggs in the butter of the popcorn machine? I forgot all about it until I was back on the Funmouse, and my crotch started stinging like fire!"

(whimper) "I looked inside my zipper, but now I’m scared to look cuz of what I saw! Man, I’m gonna die!"

(groan) "My scrotum is puffed up like a honey dew blood melon!!"

(the fever delirium is written on the lad’s face) "I tried to take a nap, but a mosquito landed on my balls, and I guess the weight popped ‘em. I guess I rubbed them with the gas rag at the Fina station for too long."

(hysterically) "THE SERVICE MANUAL FOR MY MOM’S BLENDER SAYS NOT TO DO THAT! Thanks to the popcorn fly, my lap looks like a Pekinese-man-of-war. I’m sick. I’m getting real sick... MY MOM HAS SOME ALUMINUM FOIL, We Can Make A Lake For Our Army Men..."

(staring into space) "HEY... WHERE’D EVERYBODY GO? ...Can’t See... Who’s There?...I CAN’T MOVE MY TOE! HEY, WHERE’S MY BALLS? OH NO, THEY CRAWLED UP INSIDE THEM COFFEE GROUNDS... Oh, That’s My Leg...."

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