one pass of Reaktor
is not the whole thing

from: professor lunkhead

the key to using Reaktor is that one ensemble, or collection of instruments, is not the whole ball of wax. its just one part of a larger whole, you can make each part of the whole out of Reaktor, if you want to, and you can also use Reaktor to put all those parts together, in a variety of different and interesting ways. I tend to assume the finished raw materials are multiple tracks recorded at different times and "lined up" so they all play simultaneously, and then all of that is mixed, in the traditional sense of what a "song" is.

 I love using Reaktor to first INSPIRE ME, and then ENABLE ME to make that inspiration impulse into a physical reality I can play for EARS, mine and anybody else's who'll listen. Reaktor makes all the little bricks, the mortar, and ultimately the whole wall, and it does it FAST if you want it to. Want SLOW? it does that too. One thing it is NOT is a complete reproduction of a studio environment, like Reason or SONAR. What do I need that for? I've already got that in the form of a building where I've been recording for 32 years. I used to have that when I had nothing, and back in 1972, believe me, that's exactly what I had.

However, I DID HAVE Will Alexander for a friend by early 1973, and that's when he started tutoring me about something called a "modular Moog synthesizer", in fact, he said, "someday this machine will be the whole band". I was like "What? That's complete nonsense." The whole point of my Reaktor ministry and seminar lecture movement is to announce to the world, WILL WAS RIGHT!!!. Reaktor IS that modular Moog synth, but its just one nugget at a time. Get busy, there are dozens of ways to produce buckets and wheelbarrows full of all kinds of nuggets, all pieces of a puzzle that puts itself together and proves everything that Will Alexander ever told me was ALWAYS RIGHT, and he NEVER LIED. That is the crux of my whole message here. Reaktor is the first time I've ever had a chance to teach Will, instead of him teaching me. He still teaches me anyway, trust me. He taught me about NO DOUBT, didn't he? Will is the coolest guy I ever heard of in the music industry. Don't believe me? Ask Keith Emerson, or Herbie Hancock, or Gwen Stefani... they'll tell you the same fucking thing. Here's a slight indication of the coolness of which I speak. See the post right below this one called, "Old Reaktor Is Not New Reaktor"? I just got a Bcc'ed copy of an email Will sent to Dan Brown, the TOP DUDE at Native Instruments in the US, that's the people who make and sell Reaktor, Will urges Dan Brown to HIRE ME to write ad copy for their product, Is that cool enough for you?

To me, its funnier than shit and its also typical of a Will Alexander type thing. The IMPOSSIBLE is an everyday occurance when WA is involved. That's the FIRST thing I learned back in 1973, when I HAD NOTHING. He even turned me on to the Evil E, so Mugtoe will verify my claims. I've never understood why Will would like me for a friend so much, but I always understood why I like him for a friend. I think that has something to do with it, I was one of the first people to snap to what he was saying. It takes genius to recognize genius. Something along those lines.

When I point to Demitria Monde Thraam and say "GENIUS", that's exactly the level I'm talking about, and nothing less. And she's a GIRL. How's that for completely shattering and dispensing with the incredible stupity of SEXISM? I know its bullshit, just like RACISM, and all the BIGOTRY I hate so much, including CHRISTIANITY,
and all the rest.

Claude Morgan LIES,
Will Alexander does NOT.
Get it? Good!



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