Here's A Classic Example Of How
Mike Taylor Has Conned Wanda Seals

from the www.bexarnekkid.com website

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Go to the completely empty single webpage of BEXAR NEKKID MUSIC, it can be found at http://www.bexarnekkid.com It looks like Mr. Mooch, Mike Taylor, has really charmed Wanda Seals with his fraudulent personality, he's got her to pay for this "front" for his white collar crime activities.

(By the way, using the BLUES in a half baked attempt to put a legitimate face on FRAUD shows you what we are dealing with here is the absolute PITS of the so-called San Antonio music scene.)

See the website's "main pitch", this is Wanda's favorite thing she's ever heard Mike Taylor say, she thinks he's so clever and funny, "where the SCHIZOPHRENAISSANCE and the TEXADELIC emerge"... yes, it is clever, and original, the only problem is:

I made up
in 1972, when I first met
Taylor and we started QUARTETT

TEXADELIC is a word Claude Morgan
made up
when we started the HIX in 1986.

Taylor has passed himself off to Wanda as a clever wordsmith, but he's just like those jerks who constantly steal from George Carlin or Dennis Miller, acting like they made it up the clever wordplay these guys wrote.

Mike Taylor can't think up his own original words, he's a fraud acting out other people's personalities he's known. I'm talking about people who are actually CREATIVE and FUNNY, people who WRITE words, people who CREATE music to go with it. Its the same people Mike Taylor STEALS everything from, including his fraudulent personality as a wizard of digital recording and album production.

click this to see most of it

For years, Mike Taylor used to have my
1992-97 ADATlog on the wall of his home studio.
look at it Its a simple list of song titles and ADAT tape locations. I used it daily to keep track of my recording work. It only represents 5 years of my life, a drop in the bucket, really.

Mike Taylor used to have it on his wall so his visitors would look at it and go "Oooo, look at all those recording sessions! This Taylor guy is the most recordingest guy we've ever seen!"

 What he failed to tell you suckers is he participated on LESS THAN 1% of those recordings he's acting like he's part of, he wants all you suckers to think he's been real, real busy making music.

Its completely fraudulent.

Every CD Taylor ever worked on was using MY ADAT, and MY computers, this lazy piece of shit wouldn't even get off his ass and take the back plate off his bass to see why one of the pickups no longer worked. It turns out there was a wire disconnected and this lazy SLOTH who calls himself a "bass player" let it go like that for OVER SEVEN YEARS, most of that time the Alembic was in the pawn shop.

 Finally me and his girfriend pooled our money and got it out of hock, and I kept hounding him to play it, showing him tapes he gave me of his bass playing 10 years before, so he finally removed 4 little phillips screws and LOOKED.

Ooops, a wire was loose!
seven years without a neck pickup

Out of over 500 titles on my ADATlog, look at it Taylor played bass on THREE songs, tops. And every single thing he played on was just replacing the bass parts I already created.

Contrast that with a REAL bass guitar player, like Val Cronk, or David Katakalos, or Bassie with One Destiny. These guys pump out the bass like its a living, breathing beast, they play more bass in one setting than Taylor has played in his whole life.

Taylor is totally intimidated by the notes, he won't even RISK picking up that bass unless he has the notes all preplanned and the moves built up by habit, he knows damn well he'll make a fool out of himself since he can't tell where the root is FOR SURE, and as far as negotiating chord changes in real time, FORGET IT.

"Make me a tape" is his favorite line, and ANYBODY
who has worked with him will confirm what I have said.

He can't even play the simplest country tune and anticipate the chord changes properly. He CAN'T do it, its like there's a wall between him and the simple notes any beginner can hear.

The whole time I made music with Mike Taylor, for over 25 years, guess how many times I turned the mixing board over to him
to mix what was done?

ZERO. Never.

I don't mix in a completely befuddled state of wondering where I am in the song, I'm not SCARED I might be in the middle of a verse and not know it. This is why simpletons like Cureton and Taylor love "automated mixing", I rarely use it, I am constantly ERASING instead of MUTING. If I don't wanna hear it again, its gone. If I need it back, I simply PLAY IT AGAIN.

This is how Bexar Nekkid Music wore out ADAT tape deck after ADAT tape deck, bought with stolen money, trying to use S-VHS tape heads for sample accurate hard drives. Do you have any idea how retarded that is? We're talking about a mathematical order of magnitude in excess of 10,000, at the very least.

Hey, Wanda, did you ever wonder why Taylor and Cureton couldn't deliver the Robert Johnson CD in time for the big Gunter Hotel plaque promo?

Those five decimal places had everything to do with it. The data on a VHS tape is like a long stripe, several inches long, coiled around a spinning 2 1/2" cylinder head, the same data on an interleaved hard disk is MICROSCOPIC, like the cerebellums of these "recording engineers" who couldn't put a song together to save their lives.

They are parasites, totally reliant on REAL MUSICIANS. You may have noticed them hanging around Edit Point, those are the schmucks these assholes always get to

If there is ANY musician out there who has ever actually gotten PAID by these clowns?
I'd like to know who it is.

Shut up, Cureton, your $300 Flaco Jiminez
FIASCO don't count,
you drunken idiot!



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