What is all this bullshit about the V-Chip? Its not a V-chip, its a C-chip, for "censorship", or "cut" if you prefer...so fucking what?

Say the word "chip", and journalists start typing in a frenzy about a tiny little Govt. room somewhere with dangerous freedom cancellation going on, and that room is "in the chip", but nobody is scared of the on/off switch, are they?

The C-chip is just a REMOTE for the OFF switch. They’re not scared of a switch, but a Chip is really Big Brother......?

I’ll fucking tell you what’s Big Brother, an entire industry of journalists who write and report about the so-called TRUTH, every working day of their lives...

And these professional "thinkers" have no clue as to what the actual TRUTH is, nor do they even begin to grasp WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT, and WHAT is Worthless Nonsense. They seem to thrive on misinformation, or anything that refuses to see things as they see it, and they feature the disagreement as an "odious oddity" sitting next to their opinion for its designated MICROSECOND, then, whoosh, its on to the next thing that disagrees with their consensus. And THAT parade of "wrong people" is what they are selling as THE NEWS! Like, oooo, look at all these sleazeballs on Cops tonight....

They don’t have even so much as a hint that a CHIP is nothing more than 1,000,000’s of tiny SWITCHES, exactly like the big ON/OFF switches in every room of every house. A switch, ANY SWITCH, is not a VIOLENCE switch, nor is ANY switch a SEX switch, or a LIGHT SWITCH...the switch is ELECTRICAL or ELECTRONIC, ...AND THAT IS THE ONLY CATEGORY OF PHYSICAL EXISTENCE THAT IS IMPORTANT CONCERNING THE ACTUAL FUNCTION OF THAT SWITCH.....which is, and ONLY is, and will ONLY ever be: on..........or..........off.

Because, you see, its is the USER OF THE SWITCH, the "person" if you will, who exercises FREEDOM OF CHOICE as to how, where, when, why, etc. the switch is maintained in whatever position it may or may not currently be, and the functional TRUTH of that switch, the Real "Why" behind the implied IMPORTANCE, has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the INFORMATION CONTAINED in miniature form being switched on or off. Its not the potential loss of writing that makes it scary, its the perpetual whirlwind of stupidity that insures a situation where USELESS INFO is maximized, and all other INFO is minimized, the loss of the benefits of true wisdom is devastating, its like an evolutionary brickwall against LIFE and SURVIVAL, and STUPID JOURNALISTS are to blame, and their bosses, too. They know damn well that its calculated confusion, and they keep it alive every chance they get, and the fact that it has destroyed their nation’s mental health doesn’t phase them, they know news is just "reality" entertainment.

As long as they can keep typing, they don’t care what the content is or does. Somebody hands them a piece of paper, and it tells them what to write, and they write it.

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