Cute FTP 2.5 Tutorial
Author: USA (Ultimate Sanity in Anarchy) Author Contact:
Date: March 2nd, 1999 (c) 1999 Inc.

Introduction: This tutorial is for people that need general help with the program Cute FTP. This tutorial asumes you have some basic computer knowledge and have some clue about what you are doing. I also asume that you are using a standard dial-up connection or are on a network. Also I asume that you are not behind any kind of firewall or anything else that is not normal for a dial up to have and you are running Windows 95 or above.

Getting and Installing Cute FTP: You need to download Cute FTP from their website. Download the newest evulation version (CUTE FTP 4.0) to your desktop or a folder you usually download to. After you download it double click on it and follow the instructions to install the program. When it completes you will have a folder under your start button/programs that is called Cute FTP

Main Cute FTP Screen

Using Cute FTP: Go in there and open the program. This will bring up a screen similar to this over the main cute FTP screen. From here you have two options basily. Close this and do a quick connect or add the site to your list. What that means is, if you are just going to use this site once then you need to do a quick connect. But if you are going to use this more than once and do not want to have to keep typing it in over and over then you can add it to your list. Lets just do a quick connect. Most warez FTPs that you are going to use are just going to last a few days anyway. So what you need to do is exit this screen by clicking the exit button on the bottom right of the highlighted menu. That would be the bottom right of the graphic I have to the left here.

Cute FTP Quick Connect ButtonNow you should be at the main screen of cute FTP. You can now click the quick connect button to make your connection. This button is located in the top left corner and looks like this graphic. After you click the button a box will appear that looks like the one below.

Cute FTP Quick Connect Screen

Now this is where you want to make you connection.
This is how this works.
So if you have a URL like this:

Your User ID: warez
Your Password: dotcom
Port: 600
Now if they leave off the user name and host like: ftp://Host-Address:Port
Your login is anonymous and password is your e-mail (or a fake one). Or you can just not fill in the Login and password and it will log in anonymous by itself. If they leave off the port then the port is 21

So Lets take this URL: ftp://whore:hax0r@
This is how you would fill in the boxes

Cute FTP Quick Connect Screen Filled in.

Then you would click the Advanced tab at the top, fill it in like this. Port Fill In
If the port is 21 or there is no port you can skip the step about filling in the port under the Advanced tab. Now just click the OK button close to the middle bottom and that will attempt to connect. If you get in the rest should be easy enough for you. If you dont get in then try again later.
Not all FTP sites you find are going to work.

Now I want to throw in a little about what Ratio Means.
Say the ratio is 1/5 or 1:5 That means you upload 1 byte for every 5 you download. People do this so they get warez and don't just have people leeching all day long.
You must upload something (usually in a incoming or upload(s) folder before you can download anything).

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