bring me my
first thing
in the morning

I'm so tired from all this girlfriend related bullshit

I just want somebody to bring me my chocolate milk, first thing in the morning, is that too much to ask?

that's all I really want from a wife, or life in general...  the rest is negotiable, as far as I'm concerned

I've got PLENTY of chocolate milk, so that end is covered

no way am I ever going to lift a finger around this house, or any other

my house is off limits to anything except me running wild, 24 - 7...

I stop for NO ONE,
not even myself

I just wanna create, get high, and not be hassled about my time schedule, or anybody else's

I want TOTAL freedom
to do my "projects", any time I want, and for as long as I want, even if that means it NEVER ends, so be it...

I STILL wouldn't mind getting my chocolate milk when I first wake up, though...

I wouldn't mind that at all...

I don't wake up all that often... because I don't sleep all that often...

so I'd only need my chocolate milk, and my brownie, when I wake up, about 4 days a week, at the most....

that's all I really need out of the so-called "love of my life"  situation... that, and some pussy...

of course, I won't be attending ANY other social functions at all, especially if it involves work, families, or holidays...

you can forget about dinner and movies, and don't even think about the jewelry store... These days, I only buy  SYNTHESIZERS with my money, not a bunch of ripoff, lovey-dovey BULLSHIT!!!

Besides, I never go anywhere, or do anything... why should I?

I don't "go have fun", its just not worth it anymore...

I'd be missing out on the exact same fun I'm already having by not needing to waste time TRYING to have fun in the first place.

I don't need to have something I've already got... that's goes for fun, life, liberty, and especially the PURSUIT of happiness, which I'm totally against. I don't need to PURSUE  happiness, I'm too busy SUSTAINING it. I'm not trying to GET high, I'm trying to STAY high.

I'm not very interested in modifying my creative WORK schedule to match "family" or "employment" timetables... and when it comes to my creative FUCK OFF schedule, well, I'm even more picky, as you might well understand.

"Partying" can Kiss My Ass. That's just a bunch of freeloaders sucking down as much raw materials as they can. The same goes for "going on a date". In fact, if you wanna go with ME somewhere, you better be the one taking me there, I'm not even sure if I could remember I'm supposed to be somewhere. I don't date, but I still fuck. If I'm supposed to go somewhere to fuck, then yeah, of course, just tell me,  I'll be there. Otherwise, you're better off giving me a ride yourself, I'll forget for sure.

I don't mind going to see live music, or going to play music for people somewhere, especially if it MAKES money, or SAVES money. But, even if it COSTS money, that's all right... the thing I'm looking to not spend is TIME... Talk Is Definitely  Cheap, But Compared To Time, Money Is Virtually  Worthless...

Even if I had the time, I would still  mind interrupting what I'm typing now to fix the water that's been leaking profusely in my bathroom for over two weeks....

I already bought the parts, they cost .31 cents. The water that has run out in the meantime has cost at least $30, and the part is in my pocket right now, has been for days.

Do you think for one minute, I would stop typing this, and go in and save myself $$$???

Well, I might type out, "Of course, I would stop!", but, as you can plainly see, I haven't so far...

I'm the laziest son-of-a-bitch to ever walk this Earth, much less drive a Ford F-100 all over Hell. I'm just sitting on my lazy ass, running my big mouth, and moving my stubby little fingers down, up, down, up, over, down, up, over... and so on... just to CORRECTLY write down EVERY little stupid thing my mouth wants to say...???

Hey, it gets worse...

It starts in my brain as thoughts, it comes out of my mouth as words, comes out thru my hands as text, and goes into the computer and comes back out the screen into my eyballs and rejoins my brain as thoughts.

Now, here's the key, so pay attention... this whole thing is like a PING loop, and any difference between what signal goes out, and what signal comes back in, that difference is a practical yardstick that clearly demonstrates the following undeniable facts:

I want somebody to bring me my CHOCOLATE MILK, first thing in the morning, right as I'm waking up. Not Quick, not Ovaltine, not Hershey's syrup... I want generic HEB style chocolate milk, and I want it as cold as possible, but WITHOUT being frozen!!! If I wanted a shake, I'd ask for a shake. Its got to be regular chocolate milk, the kind you find yourself guzzling like a hog at 3:00 am. It also helps to drink straight from the carton, like your mom always told you not to do... it does enhance the already blissful chocolate milk rush, which is thick, cold, pure, and chocolate to the bone. It doesn't pick you up, it smoothes you out, and it can last about 4 hours, if you choose to keep your chocolate milk groove going that long.

When chocolate milk is your NUMBER ONE, there really is no NUMBER TWO, unless its just MORE chocolate milk.

To Be Continued..... send all chocolate milk related comments to me, I will see that they are handled with the proper VIP treatment
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