the casbeers queer,
falls silent

nancy, shirley, janet, unknown, lynn, popeye-x at casbeers 12/8/01
unidentified men in background

PPX: I just went by the TCMN board, hahaha, WHAT HAPPENED? There seems to be a little 2 week gap there! gringoestebanito hasn't posted a worthless expertise essay in 2 weeks, this is a new record! Usually he's rattling out this endless stream of common knowledge all dressed up like its clever, really it just smacks of a coked out drunk amusing himself, laughing at his own wisecracks, and punctuating the ramble with little ASS KISSING Curetonisms, like "Cheers & Casbeers", etc.

Something has happened to the ass kisser's club, it coincided with Joe Horn's sudden, insufficiently explained departure. Notice how the phony baloney is so fucking obvious. The silence is what is commonly called "taking the higher road." That's merely another name for "cover up anything that's unpleasant." Like the goat ticks said, "he seems like a pleasant fellow." Its ok to BE a fucking lying sack of shit, as long as you PUT ON an aire of pleasantry and obligatory ass kissing, then you are socially correct, and you're even "taking the higher road", gringoestebanito said that as an extra ass kissing tribute to Joe X, thrown in at every possible opportunity. He NEVER misses any chance to KISS JOE HORN'S ASS, and that is the common thread that has pissed off every single person here who hates his guts.

Now look at this "higher road." Dead as a fucking doornail. The silence is deafening. No Crusty, no webfuck, no nothing. What about another promotion of Casbeers? Come on, people, where's that ass kissing spirit? Let's bend over backwards and kiss Joe Horn's ass one more time...

dead silence

I want to know WHY, goddamnit!



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