Live your life, be yourself, do what you do, be what you are, get into your thing, dig the hip people, feed the sick, heal the poor, be here now, read the Toiletside Reader with your third eye, look up your mind's ass, Ghandi or Gumby, Gurdjieff or Jerry Jeff, Kemosabe or Chemotherapy, it's all the same.

Stop destroying the planet and yourself, wear earth shoes for the aliens, or at least eat a vegetarian TV dinner for the animals.

Ecology doesn't stop just because Kurt Cobain bought a .20 gauge shotgun, clean up your body and your mind by wearing white turbans and eating off of studded leather placemats. Save the planet by power chugging as many Metamucil fruit smoothies as you can without puking. Do your part against hurricanes, by setting out milk and cookies for El Nino.

If something disturbs your mind, meditate until it is gone, vaporize it with sheer niceness, forget it ever reached your plane; if you cannot, you simply haven't meditated enough, try mastrubating until it goes away, trandscendental mastrubation always works. If you feel something is threatening your life, just "smile" it to death.

"Peace and love, brother, hey, I love you, I dig you, man, I'm hip to your mellow vibes, we can all be together, brother, man, I'd be a martyr for you, no matter what the reason, if you exist, I'm willing to not exist for you, man, or any of my brothers, let the love dig the hipness of its heavy mellow self, man, if I had any money, I'd give it to you, comrade. Say, man, could I shit in your pants? Mine are way too full."

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