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terrie neilson - posted 10-17-99 16:29 
I am currently being harassed--and stalked--on the Internet. Mine started with just a regular search of Michael Bolton on one of the usual search engines, with no advanced searches, when up comes one called "Don't Talk To Me About Ugly" (I'll post the URL later if anyone wants to know it). If the guy who owns it, Kurt Otto (did not change name to prtoect the guilty, either), had said in less offensive terms that "Michael Bolton Sucks!" (common comments by some) and taken pot-shots at his charity work to prevent child abuse (of his many causes he promotes, this is one where I can say that I'm behind his cause because I am a survivor) then not much would have been said. But this man used EVERY one of the "seven dirty words"--and then some--and posted this site where, to this day, it can still be found by children who have no protections against this (or passwords needed). I don't regret having responded--candor, I thought, should breed SOME understanding. What I got instead, as done to a female friend of mine, was harassment, posting of fraudulent pornographic photos, and threats to both us and our friends who tried to speak up in our defense. Congress people, police, the FBI (at the advice of an attorney), an anti-harassment website, people in touch with Mr. Bolton, and those who created the character Popeye (he uses the name Dr. Popeye X, which still to me infringes on copyrights and the "rights" of the character Popeye)... and he still hasn't stopped!
What some lengths to go to, even when those who have been victimized didn't ask for it, or lie about it (the only punishment he's received thus far is banishment from a message board), and definitely didn't deserve it! And all in the name of (this is how he's called it) "humor", "art", and "freedom of speech and expression". He may have changed the names (I am referred to as "Turkie" and my friend is called "Tacki"), but he hasn't changed his motives: to humiliate, to violate, to assault (reputations and our rights to speech and expression).
One post at a time get a word or two said. More than one... gets a job done.

PPX: Shame on you, Turkie! I caught you again, you lying bitch!

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