There are thousands of little inconsistencies permeating day to day life that go unnoticed by the general public. These logistical "sore thumbs" keep poppin' up everywhere I go, and as incredible as they are, its the PROPORTION of their DISTORTION that blows me away. Unexplainable imbalances with imperceptible transparency that are passed over without a second thought, but when examined, reveal a VAST gap between "general consensus" and the TRUTH.

I call this gap the "magic gap", the "stretch of the imagination", or the "great leap of faith", the "giant step for mankind"......I see it as glaringly obvious discontinuities in an otherwise 100% consistent physical universe.

I see blatant extreme bias at work EVERYWHERE. I see self fulfilling "prophesies", doing their cause-and-effect with precision, long range agendas in full effect, Nonchalant D-Day Invasions that casually Strap Their Offspring into Death Lake Stationwagons, intending to Boat Ramp Their Problems Into Oblivion.

Example #1

Man, armed with his technology, is now suddenly capable of wiping out life on this planet.

Man, armed with his technology, is continually capable of shooting himself in the foot, by accident or out of sheer stupidity, providing he's not too busy blowing his own brains out on purpose.

I think Man is probably only HALF capable of his own capability, he's only good at things that relate to HIMSELF, they're "good" because they're GOOD FOR HIM, and at BEST, he's only half good at that.

Example #2

Guns are dangerous and need to be controlled with utmost responsibility. Never point an "unloaded" gun at yourself, or anyone else.

Ballistic Missles are dangerous and need to be controlled with utmost responsibility. Never point a "cold war" at yourself, or anyone else, unless you wanna scare the piss out of 'em enough to pay you to "make it stop".

As you can plainly see, there is weird shit right around EVERY possible corner. Your life is a futile attempt, to IGNORE the inevitability of everything you know damn well is true. If you were only honest with yourself, you would INSTANTLY endanger your slim chances for survival, precisely because you would INSTANTLY realize the 100% likelihood that SUICIDE is the ONLY POSSIBLE LOGICAL SOLUTION, and since I feel, or rather WISH, that it wasn't true..., I ignore it. And an INSANE TRUTH!

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