there needs to be more LOVE on this website

From: a man who's not afraid to have feelings
06-07-18 17:43:10

this website has been sorely lacking in LOVE ever since ed zep asked me to take down Hoss And Kewpie Fall In Love. call me sentimental, but I think something needs to take its place, not as fucking brilliant, mind you, nor as uproariously funny, or ingenious, but still FUNNIER THAN FUCK, based on "real" chatting in so-called private...

I'm talkin' SERIOUS LOVE LOGS from the authentic pud pounding as it is found on the Internet, UNEDITED, except for the poetic license of adding in master of ceremonies dialog from none other than yours truly, Dr. Popeye-X, Fucknologist and extremely funny webauthor and dirty, rotten no good motherfucker... i. e. ME.

I deserve a little something, these humor websites cost money, after almost a decade, when you calculate the cost, just to serve the ego trip of one idiot... well, its quite embarrassing and kind of twisted, but I deserve to get my money's worth out of it. Lets just say it cost me more than a piece of shit car I could be driving instead. This masterpiece will be called "Chunga Falls In Love" and I guarantee, if you figure out what's going on in it, you will laugh your fucking ASS off, just like you did at Hoss and Kewpie's doomed love affair. By the way, ED!!!!! PLEASE let me bring Hoss and Kewpie back!!!! you can never have too much LOVE on a website, I always say...



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