why do you hate popeye-x so much?
the pleasure you take in stabbing his back is so bizarre
it feels so good to you, the revenge is a little too sweet... 
revenge for what? the fact you're so jealous of popeye-x, you can't stand it?

I just know it was something I didn't do, perhaps you made a big mistake?
I did something that broke YOUR rules somehow... so you lie, cheat, and steal
the last thing you'll ever do is admit the truth to yourself... you are to BLAME
you have a serious pussy problem, I wouldn't give her the time of day 

even though I have told you over and over that I did NOT fuck your old lady
you hate me because she thought for sure I'd stab you in the back for her pussy
you wanna know the real truth? the woman in your life isn't up to my standards
to be a candidate for fucking... why? simple, she fucked you

I don't mind if you think I'm no good, I admit it, I'm not very good at all
but I'm so much better than you, even at my lowest point, I'm miles above
you love to hate popeye-x because your pussy problem is out of control,
you have to blame somebody... it couldn't be YOUR OWN FAULT, could it?

you take revenge on popeye-x, stabbing him in the back
but look... it doesn't get you any pussy at all!
you even got some new pussy, but she's fucking somebody else too,
you love to hate popeye-x, its the closest thing to love you've ever felt


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