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Recording the Chordsmen
DUAL stereo mic pairs
X/Y center, L/R sides

::: tracks 1/2 :::
X/Y axis, dead center
tightly V'ed front tips of narrow condensers
(about 110 degrees), 5' off the floor,
(ear level, standing) about 12' out from
the front row of singers
::: tracks 3/4 :::
Left/Right on each side, 20' apart
facing inward slightly, (about 160 degrees)
6.5' off the floor, (overhead),
also 12' out from the front row of singers
the choir is 35' to 40' wide, and 20' deep,
the back row of singers is about 32'
from the row of mics
being able to mix
the X/Y center mics
with the L/R side mics
with headphones and
monitors in my studio
using a choir of human voices
for an audio test guinea pig
was nothing short of a
> Divine Revelation <
for "how to mix audio so it sounds like
cavernous music between your ears...
large, deep, and totally pure"
actually it sounds surreal,
as if you could wrap your ears around
the inside of a building real wide
you can hear from all over the place
start with the X/Y center
bring up the L/R sides
the effect in headphones is like
a miracle drug for sonic tweakers
this also has implications for the future,
i. e. surround sound live performance systems,
yeah, its all gonna be in the PA
and the PA is gonna be all over the place

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