No, I don't care where the beef is.

No, I don't need to hear that stupid slogan anymore!

No, I don't want to go be on location with MENUDO.

No, these videos are not hot.

No, those 10 hits being counted down are not great, in fact, they're bad. They're not quality. They are filler. They are commercials.

No, those flashpots and sparklers don't make it sound any better.

No, that multitude of obscurity is not worth remembering.

No, that synthesizer power-pop veil, thinly disguising the rehashed, lip-sync clone of yesterday's boredom is not only not good, its bad. It really SUCKS!

No, I don't want to watch Van Halen play keyboards on the Number 1 song.

These shows make me wish I was deaf and blind. Actually, I am! Might as well be.

No, I don't want to drive 80 miles to learn some songs by Billy Idol and Duran Duran, so I can earn $40 on a Monday night.

No, those so-called suggestive moves don't imply sexuality, rather, they ooze with undulating INEXPERIENCE and absence of any real fucking.

Hey, person dressed in leather with the raised fist, have you ever had the shit knocked out of you? Its not hip.

Hey, kid with the snarling face and heavy metal armour on, have you ever been in a serious fight for your life?

Have you ever heard of the Battle Of Iwo Jima? Don't even think for one second that you know what it means to be tough, with your costume and your chewing gum. Do you know what a 50 cal. machine gun could do to that guitar?

cowhead by Marshall Cooper
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