Popeye-X Is Finally Sexually Active

take a big bite out of life

From: popeye-x

Oh, this is so exhilarating! This website groupie stuff is even better than being in a band. I get stalked all the time by "women" on Yahoo Chat, gee, they have strange ways of having sex, I've never had so many chicks "shove their throbbing LOVE" inside me so much. In fact, before the Internet, the closest I came to that was when the wife of my band's bass player shoved her finger up my ass, and that included a really long and painful fingernail. But I lived thru it, didn't I? That really hurt!

This cyber stuff is a lot more fun, I can be GAY without having a bunch of cocks shoved in me, like a Mugtoe horror story. I'm glad I'm finally sexually active, without all the fuss and muss of jizz dribbling out my ass, etc. Now this whole specter of juking Cureton's old lady raises its head in not such an ugly way, in fact, I enjoy just whacking myself off, and watching it spit in Cureton's face on the screen. Then I fire off an email (to myself) wherein I describe his girlie munching my lumps as they dribble off his chin. Yeehaw! This is even better than screwing around with the Blast wives! Maybe you're looking for unconditional love online, too? If so, be sure and check out How To Cyber With Popeye-X, where I clearly demonstrate the proper etiquette and manners for online fucking (goat ticks please take note.)



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