hey charlo... he actually likes you!

From: duke expert
05-01-21 ::: 18:59:14 :::

what we gotta do at some point is hip the duke to the real charlo essence...

how shall I phrase this? the think I noticed about charlo pretty early on is he's gross as a mutherfucker, even grossser than me... but what really won me over was this...

I was in a chat channel, with no ops, no +V's nothing fancy next to my name to distinguish me as a person worthy of medium human dignity... then this 17 year old fuck wad, with ops, the power kick and ban, starts up shit with me because you know me... I don't even try to seem as cool as I already am... if persons of limited perception who are full of themselves, like say, one certain scrotum sucking buttkissing sound man monitor mixer, Jim "Red" Corbett, who does a lotta shows, by lotta shows I mean, he's not actually making any music, nor is he seen onstage by the hot chickies who'll will be ready when the show is over, but rather, this ill-perceived self bloated nannygoat scrotum licker, kisser, and lip gloss polisher, Mr. Red, as he loves to call himself

I just call him fuckwad, but this Mr. Red thinks he's really coool man... he even has this fucking really sad mental delusion on top of a pitiful cry for help pair of pants on, and a regular belt, with a clean shirt, and good teeth,, and fresh underwear , and socks, and lotsa monitor board knobs to dick with, welll, to make a boring story even more pathetic,
goat sucking QUEER thinks he actually MORE COOL than Popeye-X! (I told you it was sick shit)

so I'm back at the chat channel and this 17 year old swedish dipshit thinks because I have no ops, no +v, nothing at all.... he diecides he;s gonna fuck with Popeye-X... that lasts about 3 motherfriggin' seconds because suddenly Charlo appears from nowhere, deops the son of bitch, like dropping someone's pants and then stuffin an apple in their asshole when they bend over to raise 'em up, and right when the pants get back up, Charlo drop kicks this silly swedish bastrd over the back fence and straight on out of said channel, and then like a karate move, seals the kick with a nice solid, immovable object BAN, and this happens in about 3 seconds tops, I say,
"well, thank you Charlo, you did me proud"

Charlo says "nobody's gonna fuck with popeye-x
as long as I'm still standin'"
I am truly impressed that this Belgian youngster,
I think he might be all of 23, has the quickness
and the respect already installed,

its not like a friend you've known 30 years suddenly completely disregarding any sense of human dignity you might need concerning being able to keep what's yours, all it takes is one asshole to come along and say hey old friend pf popeye-x, I'm going to take away all rights of material possesion from ol' popeye-x, and I'l give it all to you, all you gotta do is do everything I say, and say only what I tell you to say, and regardless of how dehumanizing it is to popeye-x, your ol' friend, you say nothing, you do nothing, and you get all his shit... and that old friend of yours

well, that AIN'T Charlo... know what I'm sayin'?
not tonight, not tomorrow night, not ever...
you know why? because in his own words,
"That goes beyond LAMERISM"

finally said 17 year old Mr. Red faced
goat scrotum of THAT chat channel returns,
aw why did you do that?
and Charlo says "that is so gay to pick on someone with no ops,
but don't you EVER even think about fucking with Popeye-X again
in any way shape or form, or I'll have you banned from this server
permanently, got me?"

Here's the thing about the duke, in his own words,
 "you fuck with ppx, you're fuckin with the duke!"
so there it is...

^5 a big high five to my bruthas,
I got yer backs,
and Mr. Red,
the goat fuckwit?

hey Red, suck my websites dick,
you crimson
QUEERBAIT wino plook puppet,
go suck a goats scrotum and stay out of this
"thinking human's" piss stained
demin covered
Steven Earl Cureton
squirting on area
.... got me?

...and webgoat
have I ever told you
right to your stinkin' face
what a worthless piece of
goat shit
I really think you are?




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