The Guy From St. Louis And Jim "Red" Corbett Both Mentioned Drugs

From: If They Can Do It, I Can Do It, But I Won't Be Lying
05-04-04 ::: 11:15:15 ::: infomania

Cureton is all hot under the collar about a post he calls "that one about my mom", but there are several about his mom, there's even one "by" his mom, I know because I wrote it myself. A masterpiece of absurdity entitled Steven Earl Cureton Finally Releases His Own CD. Cureton is demanding to Another Victim that the offending information be REMOVED, like she's the editor, instead of popeye-x. I promise you I'm in charge here, not her. She's cute, but she ain't THAT cute. ; )

He's threatening her on the phone about it. Gotta give Another Victim credit. She could be whining to "take it down, take it down" , but she's not, quite the opposite. Cureton even threatened to associate her with somebody named "Kurt Otto", like being associated with the name "Steven Earl Cureton" is a BIG PLUS!

A couple of Cureton "protection posters" mentioned drugs, they don't even know me. I think its ok to mention drugs, I DO KNOW CURETON, (its above the sink, to the left)

Funny thing is, with all the posts mentioning Steven Earl Cureton's mom, the only one he's really bugged about is the from the email I posted in here. It was from Another Victim to Steven Earl Cureton, sent a few days ago. At the end, she says something about borrowing money from Mom for cocaine, telling him to get rehab instead. I think that's a great suggestion, don't you? What's wrong with that?

Now I guess he's gonna wanna take down this post too? But not the other ones mentioning his mom? I don't get it. I even WROTE ONE "by his mom", he didn't give a shit.



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