i said that?

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i NEVER meant black sabbath was the best metal,
(what about slayer?) really, do you know
how fucking HIGH i was when i wrote that?

black sabbath WAS the first DEATH METAL group,
no question about it. and the other HEAVY METAL group
was led zeppelin, who i also HATED. until one fateful day...

(i was high as shit on the same drug), it was 1977, i was in a taco place in austin, suddenly, led zeppellin - whole lotta love.mp3 came on the system. maybe it was the angle of my ears, maybe it was the angle of my CONSIDERABLE crank high, but actually it was the bass line and the drums (what else?),
 B-D-B-D-E-EE-E, B-D-B-D-E-EE-E, B-D-B-D-E-EE-E, etc.

i said "goddamn! that sounds exactly like miles!" i was thinking LIVE-EVIL era, @1970, michael henderson on bass, jack dejohnette on drums, and miles was on a wicked microtonal screaming blues heavy rock rampage with his band and "new musik", and me and barry were INTO it... bigtime!

so i listened, and except for lyrics, robert plant sounded JUST LIKE MILES!!!! the whole song is that riff, then DRUMS with electronic mayhem and echo and "blatant, unabashed sexual innuendo" (that's putting it mildly), i thought "this is the sound i love, plus it has all that nasty stuff about how he wants to fuck and his dick is even in the song, that's what's making that weird echo noize, right? (actually its a theremin built into page's guitar, run thru extreme delay, like the voice) and the singer is screaming thru pounding, echoing drums he wants to FUCK!!!

and i just had to ask myself: "don't i HATE led zeppelin?" (i always thought i did, but) ...NOT ANYMORE I DON'T!

i bought every album i could get my hands on, presence was out then, the one with the monolith on the cover. i totally relate to shit like that, you know... i knew what that monolith "meant" the second i saw it: IT MEANT I WAS GONNA

favorite song: "nobody's fault but mine" what is it about? oh, i don't know.... perhaps MY FAVORITE THING TO DO????
lines like "monkey on my back" and "try and fry it"
and "nobody's fault but mine" (i'm confusing 2 songs:P)

they got so high making that album, the recording engineer (keith harwood) and his girlfriend didn't survive long enough to see it come out! that's HIGH! 3 years later, the fucking DRUMMER (john bohnam) did the same thing for "in the out door". and that was "out the band door". and that was THE END.

wow, what a band, over 50% of their output as a band isn't there. they got TOO HIGH. oh, well, that 33% we got
is a motherfucker, ain't it?

there's only one other band i know of, with that big of an impact, but was actually cut MUCH SHORTER, and of course, that was mr. jimi hendrix. he also GOT WAY TOO HIGH.
he was only out for 4 years, he's been dead for 38 years,
what's that? 11 percent? FUCK!

ok. stop right there. here's my point.
jimi hendrix... led zeppelin... and BLACK SABBATH?

nope, sorry, no way, not in the same class, not even close...
and they're supposedly DEATH METAL, right? well why the fuck couldn't THEY DIE, instead of jimi and bonzo?
to me, its like comparing jesus christ... and reaktor...

but what the fuck, i've had ALL those other LP's and CD's for over 30 years, but i only got all black sabbath's mp3's last night....

well, almost all, there are some i DON'T WANT! i know, because i already have the LP's, and they pretty much suck....


you can tell the bass_player gets his sound from playing thru 4 ampeg SVT's at once, yeah the ones with 6-10" speaker cabinets. the loudest band i ever heard in my life was the ramones, deedee ramone played thru ONE of these amps.

i can tell by listening to the sabbath LP, geezer butler is miking the sound of FOUR of those motherfuckers, yes, 4 close mics, one on each cabinet, plus two DISTANT mics, miking the whole pile of cabinets, placed where the rest of the band can't hardly get in them very much. this is a phenomenal bass sound!

i will find the tune i'm talking about and link an mp3 right HERE. then you will really know how i listen to black sabbath, its not the way the rest of the world does it. its more like how MILES would do it, just raw sound, with no "social meaning" attached to it. BASS JUNKIE HEROIN, a pure shot, with no cut at all. die-hard BASSAHOLICS know what i'm talkin' about!

geezer butler is THE SHIT!



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