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from: popeye-x

I was reviewing the posts on this message board. I am impressed! It was dead as a doornail for a while, as every message board must be at some point, but things have picked up. This anti-TCMN post by Mr. Walmartinez, Estabanita - The Tool of the TCMN Plot to overthrow free thought and real music wins my Best Overall Post Award for this year... so far. Its well written, its fat, its relentless, and its bull's eye dead on. It needs to be pasted into the TCMN yahoo group. We will find a way to do that. This post is important to San Antonio.

That's the BEST post. However, my personal FAVORITE post is Re: Jesus is way cool by NeverForget,  I am in awe of this lady, I won't deny that I'm even a tad "in love" with her, she is just the bee's knee's in my book.

Popeye-X would like to thank all of you for the ass kicking posting that's been going on in here. Its set a new level. The latest graymare (Mugtoe's mom) post was really good. I wish I had enough sense to go post at Mugtoe's and Stash's boards, I just don't remember often enough. I try. Mrs. Walmartinez is everywhere at once, too many good ones to list. The Duke is always funny, and chuckwagon's pinche puto posts are good too. Welcome to the new posters like Shriveled Penis and my angel, NeverForget.

If I've forgotten anyone I apologize... OH, YEAH! The goat ticks! I see from my daily stats you're in here reading Mr. Goat, just not posting. That's good! You're posts are WORTHLESS, just like you. Please come back, I feel like deleting you some more. You win the MOST DELETED Award by a mile. No one comes close. I've deleted over 400 of your malicious/retarded posts, I've left in a couple so people will at least know you once existed. Please accept my heartfelt "go fuck yourself" congratulations. One reason I love NeverForget so much is she was the one who provided the definitive unsolicited PROOF of the outer regions of what I have been claiming. All you have done is continue to waste space with posts and people who have no relevance or humor. NeverForget kicked your ass while she was busy mopping the floor with Cureton's ass, you were just a sideline casualty, just like the pointless always are.



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