Cox, Robert Willis - DOB:01/13/50 - TDL:009142501

I remember when I thought Bob Cox was brilliant,
a great boss, and a true friend
I gave my best effort to be a friend in return,
I worked my ass off, I was 100% loyal to him
I never told him anything except the honest truth
I valued his influence on my life too highly
to ever fuck him over in any way
Now I see how evil and utterly vile he is
the bottom of the American barrel
he's the most sadistic coward I ever knew
a liar, a thief, and definitely a cold blooded murderer
think I'm lyin'? go right ahead, I don't care what anyone says
I know Bob Cox better than all of y'all put together
I also have realized he's a cretinous Republican ASSHOLE

WARNING: if you're a lady from the Urban-15 circle of people
I'd advise you to think twice about this Bob Cox guy
lemme put it too you in simple terms

he's a goddamn murderer

and you read it right here

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