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Wasn't Wacko

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The FTW Church Of Gun Love

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"FTW is the name,
of the brand new way,
to say the same old thing

DEA - ATF - FBI - IRS...
FTW is the best,
so Fear The Worst,
and Fuck The Wrest

the D-E-A-T-F-B-I-R-S
is on your tail

the D-E-A-T-F-B-I-R-S
will put your butt in jail

the D-E-A-T-F-B-I-R-S
just wants to search

the D-E-A-T-F-B-I-R-S
burned down your
fuckin' church"

by the Rev. Jesus "Machinegun" Christ, pastor and commandant of the "Nine Millimeter Covenant Of the Ballisticallly Insane Church Of Armed Cop Killers Gun Store, Bar And Grill, & Day Care Crematorium", serving the greater D/FtW metroplex. Patron saint: Lee Harvey Oswald.

Please come to our annual church carnival, this year features those "gun church" heartthrobs, The Texas Schoolbook Sepository Orchestra, they scored a ton of pussy at last year's carnival. I think they fucked every female in the congregation several times on their last visit. I believe they may have porked a few of the guys, too. I wouldn't know, since I'm the pastor, I only fuck the children, its part of their Sunday school cirriculum. I've included some of the litany in this post, (at the start & end), and, as a staunch anti-govt, pro-gun, militant Christian church leader, I would like to say "phooey" to all who would denigrate the accomplishments of my hero, David Koresh.

"gears didn't mesh
for David Koresh
he got FTW'd
by the ATF
the FBI
and the DEA
got FTW'd
by McVeigh"lungy

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