its lonely inside your own head until you realize you get along with you just fine and you always will

keep steppin', my brother
neal sedaka was full of shit
05-02-03 :::: 15:54:07 ::: infomania

don't look so surprised, its standard operatin' proceedure, just don't go BACK to the same cycle!Breaking up ain't hard to do, its just hard to believe, that's a lotta cash wasted... and for what? at least you know you gave it your best shot, losing ain't so bad, its much better to lose on the right side than win on the wrong side, sometimes, people we love turn out to be so fucked up its unbelievable

For instance, our friend NeverForget, who I happen to be sweet on, do you realize how LUCKY she is to be past her "Cureton" era? I've observed this coxsucker diligently striving to completely fuck me over, I'm talking about STEALING MY INHERITANCE, like its his to take and enjoy, if he can just pull it off, how bad it is for me doesn't mean a thing to him AT ALL, and the whole time I'm saying, "hey, motherfucker, that ain't gonna fly" he's acting all indignant and annoyed, like I'M THE ONE who's socially incorrect. Can you imagine being the significant other of such a person? He'll say ANYTHING, and won't care one bit how wrong he is.

The Steve Cureton I thought I knew was the LAST PERSON I'd ever think would have such an attitude, a complete snake in the grass without conscience. No one would believe it, except the Duke, of course. NeverForget believes it. She KNOWS it. She knows exactly what I've been ranting about. Cureton would steal someone's whole life, if he could get away with it. He thinks he's really special, its ok for him to do it to you, as long as it doesn't happen to him, he's fine with it. That's called a "sociopath". The "path" part means its considered a DISEASE, caused by some form of trauma. I know better. He's a varmint. You can't cure a varmint from being a varmint, you simply shoot it, and anybody with any sense knows that.

What Sigmo is trying to tell you is you are likely luckier than you'll ever know. If his judgment of people isn't up to par with your own, that could very easily get you KILLED, Mr. Mugtoe. AIDS came thru my life like a fucking Panzer division and devastated what I knew of as my "world of music", I was powerless to do a damn thing about it except just cry. That's what Cureton wants me to do again now. I ain't gonna do it! The New Panzer Division is ME, motherfuckers. I'm gonna bag every single one of these pieces of shit, that's a fact. Keep steppin'? They better start running right now, or they ain't gonna make it. They ain't gonna make it anyway, and they know it, they just don't have the GUTS to face their own fucking actions. I have the GUTS, no problem.

Not only that, I don't even give a fuck about my own life, I'm not afraid of ANYTHING or ANYBODY. I also don't need ANYTHING or ANYBODY. The cat is out of the bag, and that was the ONLY chance that ever existed to take me out of the picture, and that wasn't accomplished. So I just keep steppin'? Yeah, steppin' on their fucking necks.

here's what they bought with my money,
its their ticket to prison, death, or both



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