i currently have 2 amphetane recipes but n need of one with more common ingrediants i refuse to order off the net if u could help me with my dillema i would graciously thank u

from: greghorton@rocketmail.com 10-08-04

in reply to your post at www.popeye-x.com
sorry man, i made that page as a JOKE because
i got so many people asking me about how to make amphetamines. the reason they thought i knew
chemistry was this page. which is a FICTIONAL story written 30 years ago intended as a joke. because of the response, i made this page 8 years ago. you'll notice, it has a skull and crossbones and photos of skin and bones DEAD BODIES!

i realize you are serious, so i'm telling you the truth:
i haven't got the slightest idea how to make ANYTHING... except stupid webpages. i can definitely give you a recipe for that!

step one: STAY high on speed for decades
step two: type whatever pops in your head
step three: do more speed
step four: keep on typing
step five: NEVER come down
step six: NEVER stop typing

oops i forgot, step one should've been:
LEARN html code... very important!
no code = no webpages

you get the idea. i hope this was as good for you as it was for me. do all those steps, so you can get emails and make them into webpages like this. you probably won't get ANY pussy but at least you might get a chance to do a lot of drugs, good luck!

btw, if you need any human guinea pigs, to test your product out on, i know THOUSANDS of people who
want speed and cyanide, they send me emails all the time! my website has left a trail of dead bodies that makes hitler and his nazi henchmen pale by comparison. the only reason i've been able to get away with it for so long is because my other webpages are so goddamn funny

like this one, and this one,
or this, this, or this one...
and so on...

here is an important public service webpage announcement from the office of the president of
the united states of amphetamine cooks:
and here's how come, in case you were wondering,
and this is the absolute final word on the matter:

i hope that answered all your questions, if not, here's the REAL TRUTH, uncut, without all the bullshit:

"i have no idea what the fuck
you're even talking about"
dr. popeye-x, 2010



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