The Final Psychosis
by popeye-x ::: 03-04-24 06:11

click me for freedomHHere's the deal... Natalie Maines said: "I'm ashamed George Bush is from Texas" The British loved that. They hate their own Prime Minister, too. Europe is 100% against America. Natalie knows how to please a crowd. That's her job. I'm sure the crowd yelled HURRAY! and the next song kicked ass. But what does Texas say? Texans seem to be ashamed that the Dixie Chicks are from Texas. I'm sure the British would say, "Yeah! Texas is fucked up, too!"

George W. Bush and Tony Blair are extremely unhip at the moment. The fact they are the only politicians on Earth with any real balls, (besides Netanyahu and Sharon of Israel), is completely lost on the hip young people who haven't got the slightest idea what a "nuclear bomb" is, or what it means. They actually think the President Of The United States is out to MAKE MONEY. Like, "Oboy, let's get more oil!" or "Alright, now's the time for the United States to grab more land!"

Excuse me, it was Saddam Hussein who sacked Kuwait, the wealthiest nation in the world. He was grabbing the oil. Iraq has more oil than Kuwait anyway. He was headed for Saudi Arabia next. Then he would have had all the oil and Mecca, too. When a dictator uses a cocktail of nerve gas and mustard gas on the political opposition in his own country, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out... wait a minute... A ROCKET SCIENTIST is all it would take!

Do the Dixie Chicks say, "we sure are ashamed Adolph Hitler was from Germany"? You'd think the British, who damn near lost their country in 1940, would know all about the dangers of dictators who steal entire continents, drop ICBM's on cities, and GAS thousands of civilians.

I wonder if the Dixie Chicks have ever heard of the Holocaust? Yeah, wasn't that some band with some Jews, or something? Here, let me make it simple: Hitler killed millions of Jews. Hussein has always VOWED to do the same thing. Jews... and... Jews... get it? Kill the Jews! Get it? Do the Dixie Chicks have a clue?

Okay, let's put it in terms they might relate to, since their such Texans. Remember the Alamo? Texas used to be this frontier colony of people who settled the land LEGALLY, the flag at the Alamo was a MEXICAN flag with 1824 on it. That refers to Mexico's Constitution of 1824. Santa Anna was a DICTATOR (Hitler, Hussein), who cancelled their Constitution and came to Texas personally to KILL anyone who disagreed. He wiped out the Alamo defenders. He captured their reinforcements, at Goliad under Col. Fanin, and then executed most of them. It was do or die. The whole concept of Texas is based on that war of INDEPENDENCE. That's why the Alamo is SACRED.

Arafat go boom!!!Israel is a modern day Texas. After the Holocaust, they migrated to where they are now and BOUGHT their land, LEGALLY, just like the Texas settlers. The Arabs sold it to them. After a while there got to be too many of them to keep under control. They wanted freedom to rule themselves. They had no choice but to form their own nation, that's the only way you can survive when your local government is trying to kill you. The  Arab states ganged up, pulled a Santa Anna, (Hitler, Hussein) and attacked all at once, intending to wipe them out, and finish the job Hitler started. The Untied States had to make a choice, help Israel defend their freedom, or stand by and do nothing. Was there really any choice? Has there ever been any other choice except to defend the same freedom that Texas is supposedly all about?

power to the peopleThen, like a big surprise bunker buster, landing on top of her widdle pop star head, the people of AMERICA said "fuck you", quit LISTENING, and quit BUYING the Dixie Chicks. Suddenly its, "I'm sorry." She makes it like she's apologizing for not being polite enough, or it was a little boo boo, or it was just a bit of star ego leaking out... and then they all go on TV to whine about it!

She and her partners ought to get down on their knees, cry their eyes out, beg forgiveness, and say how ASHAMED they are for being completely and absolutely WRONG, especially in the name of Texas! Its outrageous! Go move to France, you spoiled rotten bitch! Texans have been attending the funerals of local heroes who gave their lives over there! The only way you could make yourself look any worse is to NOT APOLOGIZE right, you ditsy clit slut wagon.

They USED to be the best band in the world, it reminds me of when John Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ. He said he was sorry, too. Natalie Maines will probably end up saying she's sorry for the rest of her life, just like Lennon. When its all over, people will look back and say, "Remember the Dixie Chicks?" "Yeah, that was that ditsy bitch band who were ashamed because the US president who avenged the World Trade Center and prevented World War III was from Texas." Their STUPIDITY will be remembered long after their music is forgotten.

And that's a shame because I considered them the best band in the world, bar none. I know everyone will say I've really lost my mind now. But that's NOTHING compared to the fact I also say George W. Bush is my most favorite president of all time, bar none. Please keep in mind, Texas is still #1, always was, always will be. Mugtoe correctly sussed that the Popeye in Popeye-X is irrelevant, it could have been any famous name, its the X that has always been the whole point... and that X was derived from being central to the words "TEXAS" and "BEXAR". That's where the Alamo is located. That's where I come from. Notice, begins with Davy Crockett's Hat? Get it? The Popeye part relates directly to Cap'n Gus. So you see, it makes too much fucking sense to be insane. To disagree with Popeye-X is to disagree with Cap'n Gus, Davy Crockett, AND Mugtoe, all at the same time. Is it any wonder that Turkie & Tacki, Cureton & the Goat Ticks, the Beatles and the Dixie Chicks, and don't forget Hussein and Hitler... they ALL bit the dust? And yet, somehow, against all odds, Popeye-X lives on... how can that be?

Either England is very wrong... or Texas is very right.

Hmmm, there doesn't seem to be any doubt in my mind... this must be The Final Psychosis!